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Sea Inbound Delivery

For the past 17 years, Diplomatic Cargo Limited has been a leading provider of consolidated cargo transportation services. This offering caters to businesses of all sizes, ranging from individual traders to large-scale producers and importers. Consolidated cargo shipments involve the transportation of multiple small cargo items from various senders, all destined for a similar location.

This transportation method ensures cost efficiency by optimizing the utilization of available space within the vehicle, while prioritizing the safety of the cargo. Diplomatic Cargo is dedicated to helping clients maximize the benefits of consolidated freight transportation, both within Uganda and internationally.

Our team thoroughly analyzes client requirements, cargo specifications, and formulates the most efficient route, providing an accurate price calculation. We strictly adhere to agreed-upon terms and timelines, regardless of the transportation geography. Through close collaboration with reliable logistics companies and partners, we maintain a flexible and transparent pricing policy, ensuring exceptional service quality. When it comes to meticulous Swiss standards in every aspect, AsstrA is the ideal choice for consolidated cargo transportation.


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